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Welcome to ed's place

Who is Ed?

In 2008 Ed stumbled across his Grandma’s recipe for her Brewed Hard Lemonade. The details were sketchy, some would say half arsed, which was typical of Ed’s bloodline – if there was a shortcut then Ed’s family would take it.

Over the ensuing 6 years he spent countless hours perfecting the recipe when he finally cracked it in October 2014. When it came to naming it he couldn’t call it ‘Lemon Doris’ so he settled on Lemon Ed – it had a great ring to it!

But who is Ed?

His friends would say he’s a unique character, the kind of guy you meet all too rarely.

The word “rascal” springs to mind. With his cheeky and irreverent humour you can’t help but like him.

He’s never lost for words, loud and always obvious. He is quick with a one-liner to suit the occasion and you’ll never die wondering what he thinks.

He’s your mate’s best mate. You wish you could be like him, but then again, you’re not quite sure.

He has a unique, refreshing outlook on life, just like his favourite drink, Lemon Ed Brewed Lemonade.

However Ed shuns the limelight. He’s seen what has happened to Lindsay Lohan and doesn’t think all that much of Kim Kardashian, so he keeps it low key.

He doesn’t work too hard and he enjoys a pretty sweet lifestyle travelling the globe in search of fun. This can make for some great yarns, which is happy to share with you if you can find him!